For Busy and Stay-at-home Mothers
Discover how to make your 3-11 year old Child a Wonderkid by applying this new Brainsprout technique to make them 10x smarter than their mates in just 20 Minutes a day without spending money on Lesson teachers.

The BrainSprout technique works on EVERY child within the age of 3-11 years old

Best part?
Make your Child a Wonderkid in just 20 Minutes Daily
Here are what you will gain when you sign up for this Live Training;


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What is the BrainSprout Technique all about?
The Brainsprout Technique is a 3-step approach used by busy parents to help them

Best part?

Think I’m joking?

Ask Mary Ogiji who couldn’t contain her excitement and had this to say after implementing this on her child…

See what Mrs Uzoamaka also said after the last session…

That’s not all…

Here’s also Mrs. Ann who has always wanted to homeschool her kids but just couldn’t do it as she didn’t know how…

In her words? “It didn’t disappoint”

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So with the help of the BrainSprout technique,

You will finally be able to;

There’s more…
Also With the help of the Brain sprout technique,
And finally, you’ll enjoy more family time than ever before during the weekends, as your kids will tackle their schoolwork during the week without waiting until the very last minute.

Join the LIVE WORKSHOP for the Brain sprout Technique for a fee Far less than cost of your Data Subscription

The total value of this workshop is nothing less than N130,000

But right on this page, you will get access to the training and all the bonuses for far less than this amount..

As a matter of fact, the one-time purchase will cost you less than the cost of your child’s lunch box.

You see, most lesson teachers out there charge you anything between 20,000 to 50,000 monthly.

Yet none give you anything close to that personal touch this would expose your child to.

Infact, let’s say your child needs extra tutoring for them to understand what they are taught. This means your lesson teacher would’ve demanded an extra 20,000 to cover for this.

This means you’re spending nothing less than #80,000 to 100,000

But With the techniques, tools and methods you’ll get in the live workshop, plus all the bonus material, it would be fair if I charged even a quarter of that N130, 000 right?

I want to make it as accessible as possible for every parent out there to raise kids and help them do better and become way smarter than they currently are.

That’s why I didn’t price the Brainsprout technique training at #130, 000 or or even #50,000


You can sign up for the live Training and all the 5 bonuses plus a chance to Win yourself a brand new Tablet plus Magic book and other consolation prizes for

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I want you to try this technique as it’s completely risk-free… not just after the training day but for the foreseeable future so you can go through it at your will.

If, for whatever other reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the value you got… If your kids don’t improve their performance… If it’s simply opposite of what you expected it to be…

Then I don’t want you to have to pay for it anymore.

Simply send me an e-mail to any time within a year of your purchase, and my team will refund return your full investment.

Plus, you will get to keep all the bonuses you already got. I take full responsibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

let me ask you this first:

Do you have at least 20 minutes to spare with your child in a day.

I bet you do.

The Brainsprout technique only takes 20 minutes a day to implement on your child.

Besides, you will also be getting access to my emails too. Simply plug and play so you can read them while watching your favourite TV programme.

The tools you’ll receive work on school-aged kids who are 3 years and up to 11 years of age.

But if they are slightly above the age (12 to 15) you can still give it a try. There’s nothing to lose. Remember, you can still ask for a refund if it doesn’t suit you.

Not at all, you only need your smartphone.

  1. Immediately you sign up, you’ll be able to register for the class at 8pm tonight.

i understand you’re busy. That’s why you’ll be getting a replay even if something comes up

I get this question all the time. And my answer is always the same.

I’ve been studying this subject for over 3 years now. I even wrote a comprehensive guide about it and have personally tested the tools on hundreds of kids before now.

Trust me when I say this – by now I’ve made all my techniques and teachings so bulletproof that I have yet to see them fail.

You’ll be surprised by how well and how quickly this technique will work for you. But don’t take my word for it – see for yourself.

Try it, and if it doesn’t absolutely exceed your expectations, e-mail me, and they’ll return your full investment 

Class starts Tonight! Join Now!